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The Red Road.

About the Art

The Art I have produced is easy to access - no challenging images, no cutting edge couched in theory histrionics. It is does not directly concern the issues of Western art: a forward movement concerning the issues of paint handling, canvas, picture planes & theory. I work from an understanding of these issues, but in a truly personal / universal way. The viewer need not be a part of the inside knowledge, to access my work. That would be for me, counterproductive. Only the road, only the ditch. Only in a landscape either painted or photographed. However, ease of access does not mean simple. Neither facile to produce nor gentle to live with, I have aimed at creating a series designed to encompass all of my knowledge to date. It is all there, the anger, hatred, pain, horror of the situation, Love and finally talent. It comprises all my knowledge and final incomplete understanding of the pattern. This work is personal, in the way that the outsider understands. I couch it despite within the context of technique and a proper understanding of Art history. I prefer to work from a different manuscript. One in which vision serves not the furthering theory, but rather, wanders into creativity for a higher purpose. That of myth & relevance.